My name is John Lutkenhouse. 

I am with Lucas Group, the premier recruiting firm that connects transitioning Military Professionals with great Post Military Careers. I served in the Marine Corps for 21 years (both Active and Reserve), retiring in 2007, and spent 4 years at Pepsi Cola working in Operations and Logistics. I have been with Lucas Group since 2001 where my specialty is in working with enlisted technicians and leaders helping them secure great civilian careers when they leave the service.

Being retired military myself I understand the value that the talented men and women of our Armed Services bring to the table. I also know that finding a great new career where one can leverage their skills and experience from the military isn’t always easy. The purpose of this site to serve as a resource for those transitioning personnel who find themselves in the market for good civilian opportunities. It contains valuable information that not only includes tips and best-practices about such things as resume writing and interviewing, but also provides a listing of opportunities from employers seeking to hire experienced hard-chargers from the military for key positions they are trying to fill.