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Last Updated: 09-21-2020

Position: Security Technician
Date Added: 09-21-2020
Location: Can live anywhere in the Midwest near a major airport
Description: Will travel to all company sites to plan, install, upgrade, configure and repair network-based safety and security systems. This includes maintaining systems that support the safety and security of company employees, contractors, and facilities.
Company Type: Packaging
Requirements: Good experience with CCTV or security systems. Navy ICs would probably be a great fit.
Compensation: $29/hr + OT
Travel: Remote position. Expect to be gone 3-4 nights per week

Position: Safety Manager
Date Added: 09-21-2020
Location: Ashland, MO
Description: Will supervise employees with safety and/or driver hiring or training responsibilities (e.g., Location Safety Supervisor, Field Supervisor, Driver Trainers/Instructors). Supervisory responsibility may range from providing work guidance and leadership to full supervisory duties.
Company Type: Transportation
Requirements: Experienced leader (E6 and above) with a strong safety background. Vehicle/transportation background a strong plus.
Compensation: $50K-$60K
Shift: 1st shift (6:00AM-4:00PM)

Position: Equipment Service Technician
Date Added: 08-31-2020
Location: KS and northwest MO
Description: Will be responsible for the maintenance and repair of heavy/construction equipment.
Company Type: Heavy/Construction Equipment
Requirements: Good heavy equipment/diesel or Avionics maintenance experience. Navy CMs, ATs and similar backgrounds would be ideal. Must have ties to the area.
Compensation: $25-$28/hr + OT

Position: Production Supervisor
Date Added: 08-31-2020
Location: South Haven, KS
Description: Will be responsible for supervising 35-50 employees in a manufacturing environment. Will help plan and organize production, keep track of production activities, ensure up times of equipment, assist in hiring of employees and optimize day to day activities while minimizing costs.
Company Type: Food Packaging
Requirements: Experienced leader (E5 and above) with a technical rate/MOS (Hiring Manager is a former Navy MMC).
Compensation: $50K-$60K
Shift: Must be flexible

Position: Maintenance Technical
Date Added: 08-31-2020
Location: Des Moines, IA
Description: Will perform preventative and corrective maintenance as necessary to ensure plant reliability and assist and/or lead in maintenance procedures throughout the plant.
Company Type: Food Processor
Requirements: Good electromechanical maintenance skills/experience. PLC experience a plus.
Compensation: $27-$30/hr + OT
Shift: 1st shift (6:00AM-6:00PM) 2-2-3 (On-Off-On)

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