Pacific Northwest


Last Updated: 09-21-2020

Position: I&E Technician
Date Added: 09-21-2020
Location: Corvallis, OR
Description: Will be responsible for implementing and maintaining best practices to continuously improve facility instrumentation, controls, electrical requirements, and associated costs. Will focus on coordinating, directing, implementing and sustaining strategies around the facility’s instrumentation and controls programs including its reliability and management of changes.
Company Type: Specialty Chemicals
Requirements: Good electrical, electronics or controls background/experience (Navy EMs, ETs, FCs, FTs, etc.).
Compensation: $53K-$56K

Position: Mechanic
Date Added: 08-31-2020
Location: Seattle, WA
Description: Will repair and maintain a variety of rental equipment. This can be anything from a 2-cycle chainsaw to replacing injectors in a diesel motor (broad range, no day will be the same).
Company Type: Rental Equipment
Requirements: Good diesel or small combustion engine maintenance skills/experience.
Compensation: $25/hr + OT
Shift: Days

Position: Maintenance Technician
Date Added: 08-31-2020
Location: Portland, OR
Description: Will be responsible for the maintenance of plant production equipment and facility equipment as required. Will maintain, adjust, repair and install mechanical, electrical, hydraulic/pneumatic, HVAC, and other equipment in the facility as needed.
Company Type: Semiconductor Materials
Requirements: Good mechanical or electromechanical maintenance skills/experience.
Compensation: $25/hr + OT and relocation
Shift: 3 months of training on first shift (6:00AM-2:30PM), then transition into 4 10-hour days/week (will determine which shift post-training)

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